Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Neglecting my blogger!

I have been so busy these days with "staying busy" I guess I forget to check my blogger page.

After a month after my husband deployed he finally allowed me to get a Doberman Pinscher. My parents bought him as an early Birthday gift and I drove in icy conditions to adopt him from a rescue (back in February). I spent a few weeks trying to find the right fit for my family given I also own 3 Miniature Pinschers & a German Pinscher as well. My biggest concern though was my son! My son likes our dogs and he doesn't bother them much nor do they bother him. 

(My Christmas picture from 2008 with my 4 Pinschers)
(Right before I met my husband)

I am very pleased with Crixus the Doberman! He's very well behaved and adores my son trying to protect him all the time. When looking for a Doberman I decided I didn't really want to get a puppy since I've worked with the puppy stage numerous times and just didn't have that kind of time to devote to one. Crixus was a year and 3 months when I got him which was around the perfect age I wanted. He's been trained in 2 languages which I did start out using, but he responds to English more so. I can't wait for my husband to meet him, but know that process will take a few days of working with him very closely when he comes home (which is real soon)!
(Crixus out in our front yard)

Mostly by keeping busy is the normal errands, hanging out with the family, and playing Xbox to keep my sanity. I've also started a project (oddly enough didn't get the idea from pinterest) I'll post a picture of my project that I plan on hanging on the back of my house.

(My flag project I've put together and painted)
(Photo of My son Maddex & Crixus Memorial Day weekend)

I'm excited my husband's deployment is almost coming to an end soon. I have been trying to stock up on everything he needs when he gets home. I'm not 100% looking forward to the deep cleaning I need to do in the last few weeks though!! I got to start making my lists of things I need him to help me with when he gets back (Moving my son out of the nursery and into a big boy bed). Also got to make sure his ABU tops have his new MSgt rank on them as well! :) 


Friday, January 25, 2013


I've ordered a good bit from Isabel Pizarro owner of Kizzybel Designs.
She's always helping me figure out what designs I want to go with next.

This is the charm bracelet I picked out that she put together for me. 

Name tape bracelet 

Name tape key fob

 If anyone knows of other websites they like to order from let me know! 


Saying Goodbye
(My husband & son)

I've been through many small deployments, but nothing compares to the one we're facing now. Getting 10 minutes at the most talking once or 2-5 minutes saying goodnight if I'm lucky(I know some have it much worse)! Trying to fit everything going on & trying to prioritize what to talk about on the phone normally doesn't turn out as planned.. Thankfully theres email for everything I've forgotten to mention. 

I haven't had to step up and pay all the bills till now. Paying the credit card bill is about all I have to take care of after getting married these days. It's a job I've gotten more comfortable in lately even though we switched from our Credit Union to USAA right before he left. 

I guess watching my son who turns 1 February 5th is probably the hardest for me. Skyping either goes really well or terribly bad. Can't really explain anything to him at this age. I'm getting used to shipping care packages out to APO addresses! Custom forms are not as confusing after the first two. I'll post some pictures later on of the care packages I've been sending out to my husbands after he gets them... I forgot to take a picture of his Happy New Years care package and nothing really special in the box of lacrosse sticks I've sent out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

craigslist post to adopt a kitten

Ferocious attack kitten is available for adoption to any home willing to accept him.

This destructive kitty has been trained as a proud warrior and will fiercely defend your house, even against you. Well-trained since 10-weeks of age to attack anything in his presence, he will protect your family from evil things, including the following:

* insects

* other trained attack kittens

* babies

* toilet paper

* anything under a blanket

* unwanted house guests

* paper bags

* floor rugs

* Chuck Norris

* Feet.

Great with children (assuming you don’t like the children). Probably best used for professional catfighting.

He is housebroken, but only because he wants to be. This attack cat has trained himself to seek out his food anywhere you hide it and rip the bag open to feed himself, great for those who travel extensively. Also trained to drink water out of toilet bowls and dishwater from items in the sink. Knows how to open some doors. He will find you wherever you hide.

Neutered (trust me, you wont want to him to procreate). Has not been declawed, but you'll figure that out really fast. Understands and responds to a variety of vulgar and profane verbal commands.

Has a very soft and furry belly, like a teddy bear - however he will bite your face if you try to touch it. Willing to accept trades. Potential adopters must have experience with trained attack-kittens... please be prepared to show scars. For the love of God, someone please take this thing out of my house.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Camera

So I finally got my hands on a Canon Rebel XSI.

I've gotten to play with the XT before, but it's probably been 2 years ago...

I been out and about taking pictures of everything as most people would.

I decided i'll post some pictures of my betta fish Tsunami. I have in total 4 tanks in this house

and he's in the 2nd smallest one. typical 10 gallon, but that's probably perfect size tank for a betta. I don't get why people like little tanks they have no room and they don't really like them either...

I got a 40gallon tank with green spotted puffer's in it which that tank is still being worked on with the correct marine salt salinity in it. I got the salinity right just working on few other thing's with it right now i'll post pictures soon of the tank and the fish... I might be getting another GSP tomorrow since the smallest one didn't make it and my big one is being a bully to the other one. Heard it's better having 3 then 2 since it can't have it's sights on just the other one in the tank.

Anyways here's Tsunami's pictures:

He's got a ton of personality more then my GSP's apparently the GSP's will get a personality, but he's still my favorite always greets me at the tank and does stuff for his food. He leads a lavished life I do say. He also stays around with the new camera getting his picture taken. My 7.2mp Casio Exilm he would be mad theres few moves they do flaring around that you can tell they aren't happy he was that way when I tried to take his picture with that camera now he stays in front wanting his photo taken.